Note regarding VPNs (virtual private networks): You should not access a 14Fathoms product across a VPN. There are numerous reasons why. The file may not work properly or may close unexpectedly if working over a VPN. Instead, connect to your VPN, copy or move the file to you local computer desktop, work from there, and, when complete, close the file and move it back to your network drive.

Note regarding Office365 and co-authoring/sharing functionality: There are known issues with Office365 and macros while trying to use the co-authoring/share functionality. This is NOT supported at the current time but we are working on the issue. This issue impacts all macro-enabled files, not just 14Fathoms, and we have been in contact with Microsoft to troubleshoot. With that said, 14Fathoms products work as designed with Office365, just the new co-authoring functionality added to Excel, does not.

Below are some common issues and solutions. If your issue isn’t shown, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

View the change log for a list of new functionality and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials

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