Hire 14Fathoms to help bring your ideas to reality.

  • Does your company use the same Word or Excel file over and over?
  • Does someone make changes to a file and a week later a different person makes the same change to a similar file?
  • Do you routinely receive new data and then have to do the same formatting or data manipulation every time?
  • Do you have an idea that could save you and your coworkers hours of time but just not sure how to build it?

If so, 14Fathoms can help.

14Fathoms will take an immersive approach to understand (fathom) your processes and will recommend the best ways to increase your productivity while using software you already own and are comfortable using.

14Fathoms has been focused on the construction industry for the past 13 years, so many of its templates have been tailored for that industry. However, we can provide custom software solutions to help clients in any industry.

14Fathoms can also come to your company, observe your workflow, and recommend practices to reduce inefficiencies.  Ideas can range from organizing your company shared drive file structure, to creating standardized PDF forms, to building a custom Excel form that reduces paper handling and improves how your team transfers information around your office.

Contact us to discuss your project and to see how 14Fathoms can save your company time and money by automating repetitive and inefficient tasks.

Product Introduction

We recommend using Cloudways for your managed cloud hosting needs. We use them for our client’s custom projects and have been very happy. Contact us with questions.
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