14Fathoms is proud to sponsor CERT (Consulting Estimators Round Table) and to support its mission to provide high-quality, accurate estimates for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry.  

14Fathoms and CERT have a shared goal of bringing standardization and precision to the estimating process.  We at 14Fathoms encourage those with estimating needs to support CERT and to use the CERT website in order to locate a consultant for their next project.

14Fathoms is a construction software company that provides estimators with tools to improve the industry-standard programs they are already using, particularly Microsoft Excel. 14 Fathoms’ programs save estimating consultants time and money, keeping them competitive in an unregulated cost-estimating market in which outsourcing is becoming ever more prevalent. 14Fathoms’ smart Excel-based products allow estimators and project managers to present more accurate construction numbers to their client.

Each 14Fathoms’ program uses custom VBA macros and harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel.  The 14Fathoms Master Bid List is used to contact your subcontractors for pricing and to track your trade coverage during bids. The 14Fathoms Scope Sheet levels the different bids received from your subcontractors to minimize your scope gap risk, and it summarizes all your individual trade costs into an overall project total. Please see the product pages on 14Fathoms’ website for more details.  You can also schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration here.

If you are an estimator in need of programs to help you command data or make repetitive tasks more efficient, contact 14Fathoms today.

Thank you for your interest in 14Fathoms and CERT.